Monday 15 September 2014

The First Bad Day Without a Car

Last Friday night we had our first bad experience without a car. It wasn't that bad really, but what would have been a 30 minute trip home from my parents' house wound up taking nearly one and a half hours.

It all started with one late bus. Because it had been a big day, and the girls were tired, we decided to catch the bus the 1km to the train station to ease the load on their little legs. If the bus was on time, we would have had 5 minutes to spare at the train station until the next train rocked up. Unfortunately we missed the train by a couple of minutes, and had to wait 25 minutes for the next one.

This train left the station at just past 8pm, and we assumed that it was stopping all stations, unfortunately, we assumed wrong, and the train stopped at all stations until it arrived at Camberwell, at which point it ran express all the way to Richmond.

In the end, we ended up getting home at 9pm, after having left my parents house to wait for the bus at a little before 7:30pm.

We are not going to be put off by one bad experience, but this was one occasion where having a car would have been significantly more convenient than waiting around in the cold for public transport to link up effectively.